Sunday, October 10, 2010

I'm still here!

OOOK. It's been a while. I have some good excuses but mostly I just keep forgetting. I've started rock climbing 3/4 times a week so now I find that between that and yoga I don't get home until 7/7:30 most nights. That means I leave the house at 7 and get back 12 hours later. That's a good excuse, huh?

Here's some pics for proof along with some pics of my Thursday's nights excursion to see Pat Green at Stubb's.

Rock Climbing at Reimer's Ranch

Jess and I getting ready to climb!

Maybe 1 too many Margarita's at Stubbs

Karen and Lori

The bar we stopped at had a $5 credit card limit so I HAD to buy 2 margaritas. Karen and Lori would not help me drink them. Although Lori had a good reason since she was the DD. Karen...?

Lori and I at the Pat Green show

The giant pot of chili I'm cooking. I also have some spaghetti squash in the oven.

In other news my friend Meredith is engaged and will be married December 11! She she's asked me to be a bridesmaid. That leaves 2 months for planning. I can't wait to meet her fiance October 30 when I'm in Dallas for the shower. Congrats, Mere!

Ok, I'll be better. Promise.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Didn't do so great....

So I was supposed to wake up this morning and CF in my apt. Didn't happen. I woke up and got out of bed and realized my shoulders were feeling horrible after yesterday's KB ordeal. So, I laid back in bed for an hour.

At lunch, one of the drug reps brought in pizza. I had 4 pieces and then 3 mini heath bars.

After work I was supposed to go yoga but my stomach was feeling so crappy from my crappy lunch that I didn't go.

Then I came home and ate a very healthy Paleo dinner.

Tomorrow's another chance for me to CF, eat right, and yoga. I will do it this time.

Some nice inspiration...

Life is all in how you look at it. Through the way you choose to look at it, you can make your life into anything you wish.
What if you could transform your resentment for having to do something into enthusiasm for getting it done? The powerful and amazing thing is, you can.
Instead of being angry about something that's happened, you can be determined to make it right. Instead of being disappointed by the setbacks, you can be motivated by the new possibilities they've created.
What are you looking at, that looks difficult or painful or annoying or just plain impossible? What if you looked at it differently?
You can choose your perspective, you can choose your feelings, you can choose your thoughts, your words and your actions. No matter what life sends your way, you can choose how to look at it and what to do with it.
Get in the habit of looking at life with love and gratitude, and with enthusiasm for the positive possibilities. When you look, see the life you wish to live, for you have what it takes to make it be.
-- Ralph Marston

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

20 kg!

This morning was pretty darn exciting. CF workout was...

10 RFT
7 KB Swings (2/1.5 pood)
5 Burpees

The last time I had to do a KB workout with 1.5 pood it was months ago and I had to use the 1.25 pood and could only swing it to eye level. So I picked up the 1.25 pood this morning for this workout and put the 1 pood behind me as a backup thinking I wouldn't make it through many (or any) rounds with 1.25. But I did! The entire workout and it felt pretty darn hard but they were darn good CF standard swings. I was just blown away with how much stronger I have gotten in a few months and not even realized it. The workout was all and all pretty crappy but I was happy to finish in 10:26. Afterwards we did 4 rounds of tabata push ups with Games standards.

I'm only doing CF classes at Central twice a week this month. I signed up for Rock Climbing lessons at a gym on the Southside and those start on Labor Day. That is once a week for 2 hours so I figure that will be a good workout. I'm still doing yoga 3 times a week (and still loving it) and will do one CF workout in my apt gym. The workout in my gym is scheduled for tomorrow morning. It will be tricky.

The plan for tomorrow is...

Spring 200 m
15 DB Thrusters (25#)

Rest 3 min

10 burpees
10 box jumps

Wish me luck... : )

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Finally Saturday

Some pretty intense things have been going on at work this week. This has lead to a lot of bad eating on mine and everyone else's part. It seems as if food really is a universal comforter. Someone made a comment yesterday that was proabably true. "I think we all have gained 5 lbs this week!" This will probably extend to next week some too. Last night I had sushi, chocolate mouse, and a beer. Yummy!

Thursday evening I had a first! I swam in Lake Travis. I went out there with a couple other women, most of who swim there pretty regurarly. I swam out to the middle of the lake about 1/2 mile and then tredded water for 15 minutes and chatted. Then we had to swim back! Holy crap. On the way back, I was taking like 5 strokes and then had to stop and take a few breaths. Whoo, I made it back to shore though and was rewarded with a Dos Equis. : )

Today I'm off to yoga and then a bunch of other errands.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Only Tuesday!

Seriously, it's only Tuesday!? How can that be?? This week has seemed so long. I guess to be fair it's close to Wednesday.

This morning's workout was...

10 Front Squats
5 Muscle Ups
10 Push Press

I used 65 lbs for the squats and push press. Not awesome but I'm not so great with weight over my head. I finished in 11:27. Good workout. My ankle is doing better. I went to CF Monday morning and replaced some lunges with squats and went to Yoga yesterday evening and modified a few poses. Tomorrow is a rest day so I'm hoping by Thursday's CF and Yoga session, I'll be all healed.

Does anyone watch Cupcake Wars? It's a newish show on the Food Network. It's a little silly. An entire show about people competing to make and design cupcakes. The Food Network is really the only TV Channel I watch. A little strange considering I eat Paleo so can't really eat most of what is cooked. Oh well.

I'm tired folks. Ill try to write more on Wednesday when it's almost Thursday! (Yay!!)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

All done

I finished moving yesterday morning. All and all it wasn't too horrible and it's all done minus hanging up pictures.

My ankle is still not doing awesome. I went to yoga today and took it easy. I guess I will see how CF goes tomorrow. Looking forward to another week.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Moooved (almost)

So I started moving today at 12:30. It is now 8 PM and I am 95% complete. I have a couple pieces of furniture left in the old apartment that the maintenance man is going to help me move tomorrow. All and was exhausting and I think I made a zillion trips down a flight of stairs and over 200 feet with everything I own. Of all of my zillion trips, I only fell once!! I missed a step and of course it happened when I was walking down the steps with a box full of breakable items. I did not break my fall with my hands (bc I was holding a box of breakable items) and so nothing broke but I twisted my ankle a bit. I'm icing it now. Nothing major though.

I'm now drinking white wine and waiting for my Dominoes pizza! Totally unpaleo but I'm just exhausted and want it. Hurry up Dominoes Man.